It is necessary to have a way to call for help immediately without
having to think too much about the difficulties during emergencies.
Please leave it to "Help! AppApp" to deal with it.

Student Edition


Standard Edition

Reporting telephone

Confirm your situation by an automation phone call to your emergency contact.

Verify the location

Help AppApp will send an e-mail to the e-mail address that you registered in advance.

Convey the sound

When you are touch the rotating warning light, the warning sound notifies any anomaly to the surroundings.



To register the phone number that you want to contact in an emergency.
*If the phone number is blank, the phone does not.


You can register up to five the number of maximum number of people.
*If the Email Address is blank, does not send E-mail.
*If the signal is not connected, does not send E-mail.
*If can not get the position information, does not send E-mail.
*If the Email Server is blank, does not send E-mail.


If the switch is on, does not sound.
The title will change for the test.


Set the mail server.
*If the Email Server is blank, does not send E-mail.
*If the Email Address is blank, does not send E-mail.

Time to start the emergency contact

Sets the time until you run send mail from tapping the screen, and telephone contact.

Repeatedly send e-mail

Allows you to enable or disable the ability to send e-mail sent repeatedly.
<Stopping conditions>
・Manually stop the emergency contact
・Return to the foreground from the background
・Exceed the time limit for background execution
*Operates in the background up to 10 minutes.

Screen・Sound Setting

You can select the button image and sound.

Swipe to the left from the right side of the screen

Screen will rotate.

Setup screen.

Display Settings

You can change the button image.
From album、From the camera、undo
<Recommendation size>
320px:480px(iPhone) 768px:1024px(iPad)
※Set the photo other than the recommended size, does not appear in normal form.
※Take the picture vertically to the terminal.

Sound Settings

You can change the warning sound.
※sound when you tap the cell. Will stop automatically after a few seconds.